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Texas Car Title and Payday Loan is a ripoff !!! It seems so easy and they have you sign a million sheets of paper so of course you don't have time to read them all and they can't even look at you in the face because they know just how bad they are sticking it to you.

People are desperate sometimes and do crazy things and these particular places prey on people like this. They don't tell you the huge percentage, like 300 percent for every 100....Please don't get a loan at these places.

Their intention is never to help you.

Review about: Texas Car Title And Payday Loan Services Loan.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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300 percent for every hundred....well we know who didn't read their contract. It clearly says on the FRONT page of the contract that the interest is 316% annually!!

It is, however, meant to be a short term loan so you wouldn't end up paying that APR if you actually paid it off in a short amount of time. They have no issues looking anyone in the face. Sounds like you are a little bit paranoid. Even though it's a long contract, you have every right to read it ALL before you sign.

They will wait.

If you didn't...that's your CHOICE so no one screwed you over. Get a grip.


Also, it's 318% annually.


Here in Wichita Falls they are NOT BBB accredited, and they have an "F" rating.


Really Abby, do yourself a favor and look up the texas code on maximum interest rate allowed per loan, that would be 18% so if they are charging 26% that would be usury now wouldnt it? DO I hear class action suite? If anyone is interested in filing one on Texas Title Loans, please contact me, do not let their contact divert you from one even though you signed saying you will not start one, you have rights and are entitled to defend them!


i have been using this company for about a year now for loans when needed yes they are a bit pricecy but hey... with them its for every $100 their charge is $25.

They have been telling me all this... but then again i did ask... you don't just walk into a title loan place and expect them to tell you every little bit.

if your not sure about any ask they will tell you... they don't wanna lose their BBB accredidation.


obviously wherever you borrow money from its not gonna be free. the percentage they charge is actually 26% for a 30 day loan, the contract says 300% for a year, do yourself a favor and learn how to read before you sign!

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